Indulge and treat yourself to a Jessica manicure, we will nourish your nail beds and give your hands and nails just the kind of TLC that tired hands need, and choose from a range of many different colour polishes for a flawless finish.

Luxury Pedicure 

Give those toes a treat. A pampering pedicure will soften your skin and nourish your nails, leaving your toes in tip top condition. Relax in our heated massage chair whilst your therapist works on your feet. Double the pleasure for body and feet.

Jessica Gel Manicures and Pedicures

Delivers a long lasting  flawless finish that dries in seconds, whilst protecting the natural nail. Jessica Geleration nails, longer lasting polish, fantastic color, that does not chip or peel , maintains a shine, dries in seconds and gives a flawless finish.