xen-tan[1]Have you spent all winter dreaming of how you’ll be spending your summer weekends – festivals, mini-breaks, nights out with the girls, maybe even a few summer weddings?  Make sure that however you decide to spend them you’ve got a glowing tan.

If you haven’t already heard of Xen-Tan you’re missing out. It’s swiftly becoming a fave with beauty experts and celebs thanks to the natural looking colour it grants that lasts for ages with a natural fade.

Here’s the science that makes it special: it contains state of the art time release ingredient that slow down the release of the tanning ingredient, DHA, resulting in a long lasting, natural golden colour. Being paraben and alcohol free means it is also less drying than others and the texture is super light so it dissolves quickly into the skin.

As Xen-Tan is formulated with a sweet cherry almond fragrance it doesn’t have that weird biscuit scent that some fake tans do, but depending on how deep you requested the tan you might look a little bit grubby in patches until you wash it off either that evening or the following morning – depending on how long your therapist recommends for your desired effect.

It is the perfect incentive to get glowing for the summer!